Google-translated Sonnets

GOOGLE-TRANSLATED SONNETS is one of fourteen book-length extensions of the Anti-Sonnets project. It is available from Lulu (UK), or (US), or via FREE PDF



Google-translated Sonnets hurls Shakespeare’s Sonnet CXXX – dubbed the first ‘Anti-Sonnet’ – through each of the 103 available languages on Google Translate – and back again. The result is an eclectic range of interpretations which contradict the widely-assumed uniformity of computer generation, and shift the focus away from subjective description to the linguistic and political micro-hierarchies implicit within each respective Google-searched result.

ANTI-SONNETS comprised the creation of one sonnet per day over a year, irrespective of personal circumstance. Each sonnet’s subject matter, and perhaps also the perceived quality of its artistic execution, would reflect the tribulations of daily life. ANTI-SONNETS aimed to challenge assumptions associated with the sonnet form, and to champion the ascendency of context over content. GOOGLE-TRANSLATED SONNETS is part of the extended fall-out.


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