130X130 Sonnets

130X130 SONNETS is one of fourteen book-length extensions of the Anti-Sonnets project. It is available from Lulu (UK), or (US), or via FREE PDF.


130X130: Sonnets takes Shakespeare’s Sonnet CXXX – dubbed the first “anti-sonnet” for its ridiculing of the sonneteer’s penchant for prescribed beauty – and touch-types it 130 times in succession, without editing or deletion. In emphasising its attendant flaws, 130X130 shifts the focus away from the sonnet’s content and towards the process of production, proposing new possibilities for the form in submitting so subjective a result to the objective gaze.

ANTI-SONNETS comprised the creation of one sonnet per day over a year, irrespective of personal circumstance. Each sonnet’s subject matter, and perhaps also the perceived quality of its artistic execution, would reflect the tribulations of daily life. ANTI-SONNETS aimed to challenge assumptions associated with the sonnet form, and to champion the ascendency of context over content. 130X130 SONNETS is part of the extended fall-out.


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